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Career Services 

Welcome to your future!

Eastern College provides a hands on learning environment that prepares our Students to be JOB READY.

Our Career Services team has built long-standing extensive relationships with Employers which provides our Students wide variety of employment options after graduation.

 As an Employer, you can count on Eastern to work with you at NO COST to find you the right graduate for the job. We work with you and your team to ensure that we find the right solution for your specific business needs by matching your job description to our database of graduates with the correct skill-sets. We get to know our students throughout their life at our school and this allows us to customize recommendations for your company by finding the perfect match for employer and employee alike.

As a Student at Eastern, you can rest assured knowing that our Employment Specialists will work with you to make sure you are JOB READY.  Although your time on campus will be short, every day is a learning experience bringing you one step closer to the career you came here for.  We place equal importance on your technical skills and your professional communication skills to make you the BEST choice for today’s employers.  In a short time, you will be Job ready and Interviewing for your new Career.

Our team is here to support you after graduation as well! With One on One Career Support our Employment Specialists will always be available to assist you in your job search.

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