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Home to our cutting-edge Video Game Development program and massage therapy clinic.

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Eastern College’s Moncton campus is located at 1070 St. George Blvd, just west of Wheeler Blvd. The Moncton campus is home to our cutting edge Video Game Development program, as well as a massage therapy clinic that offers services to the public.

Located within a spacious facility and near to downtown Moncton, the campus is within close proximity to various eateries, retailers, Centennial Park, and Jones Lake. Close to the Trans-Canada Highway, the campus is easily accessible via public transit.

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Want more reasons to join the Moncton campus? Here’s what sets us at Moncton apart.

Massage Clinic

In need of a massage? Check out our massage clinic at the Moncton campus.

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Reviews from our students

Eastern College – Moncton Campus
Orlane Mary
1 week ago
myriam gallant
1 month ago
This school is most definitely the best. I did the Criminology program and I’ve learned and grown so much throughout the entire program. It touches on everything you need to know about Crim and we even go the chance to go out and experience prison and jail tours. My instructor, Jenn, was there for me and my classmates everyday and supporting us and she is so passionate about Crim which makes this program more special. Truly an amazing instructor. I’d like to mention that this is an english school but is very inclusive for french people. English is my second language and even though I’m fluent, sometimes I struggled but Jenn and other staff are also bilingual and could help me out.
Iyanu Nifemi
1 month ago
Kamalrukh Sagar
4 months ago
Amanda Doucet
4 months ago
When exploring local colleges, I chose Eastern College. I had a wonderful experience taking the Child and Youth Care Worker with Addiction Support. I was blessed to have Corey Chiasson as my instructor. I had a few hiccups along the way, but she helped me through my challenges for me to achieve success. Her delivery of the material with her added knowledge made it engaging and fun to learn. I recommend the in person class:)
Chantelle Lavoie
6 months ago
Eastern College is an amazing school with GREAT programs and AMAZING teachers. I have completed the Criminology course with Jennifer Blais as my instructor and I can say that it has been life changing. I have learned more in the past 2 years than my whole Highschool experience. Jennifer is an AMAZING teacher. She is a great mentor and she is PERFECT for this course. I was used to having teachers be there simply for the pay but with Jenn you can truly see how passionate she is about learning and teaching! The course wouldn't have been the same without her! If you have the urge to learn about Crim and everything that involves current issues around us, TAKE CRIMINOLOGY!!!! Not only do you learn about Criminology, but you also learn a lot of things about yourself along the way! Never a dull moment in the crim class, it really feels like a big family! I 110% recommend!🙂
Thierno Ousmane Balde (Thierno ousmane)
7 months ago
Samantha Dunbar
8 months ago
Couldn’t say enough about how great this school is
9 months ago
I want to express my deep gratitude to Eastern College for an unforgettable experience as an international student. The welcoming atmosphere, dedicated faculty, and diverse community made my time here exceptional. A special thanks to Rebecca and Trudi for going above and beyond in guiding me, from academic support to navigating work permits and finding post-graduation employment. Their kindness made all the difference. Additionally, I would like to highlight the incredible impact my instructor, Mr. Chris Pirie, had on my life during my time at Eastern College Mr. Pirie’s teaching transcended the classroom; he imparted invaluable life lessons and shared his wealth of knowledge and experience, which has profoundly influenced and changed my life for the better. His passion for teaching and mentorship are qualities that have left an indelible mark on my educational journey. I leave Eastern College with a top-notch education, cherished memories, and strong friendships. I wholeheartedly recommend this school to fellow INTERNATIONAL STUDENTS seeking a supportive and enriching academic journey. Thank you for everything!
Edith Keifala
1 year ago
This college is one of the best in time of attending to people with lovely staff.
1 year ago
My experience at Eastern College was exceptional, especially in the criminology course taught by Jennifer Blais. Her extensive knowledge and expertise were truly impressive, and she provided unwavering support throughout the duration of the course. Jennifer was consistently available to assist students with any queries or concerns, creating a comfortable and conducive learning environment. the subject was incredibly engaging and thought-provoking, leaving students wanting more. Overall, Eastern College and Jennifer's instruction exceeded my expectations, providing an invaluable foundation for my future studies or work.
Karine Richard
1 year ago
I've been a student at Eastern College twice now and I have to say they are the most caring, always there to help, friendly and amazing staff!! i highly recommend Eastern College to anyone!
Brandon Hill
1 year ago
I’ve been here many times for massage appointments. All of the students are professional and great at what they do. The environment is warm and welcoming. I can’t recommend it enough!
Stephen Cruickshank
1 year ago
Ariela Kulet
1 year ago
Haley Jerome
1 year ago
I recently started classes in Moncton at Eastern College and so far I am 100% satisfied with the College overall. The instructors are really understanding and very good at what they do professionally, they’re also great at providing help when needed! The campus Director has been nothing but great to me with every one of my concerns! I really recommend applying here, this is a great school to be a part of😊
Emily Lewery
1 year ago
1 year ago
I'd like to think I'm one of the first batches of students that had their courses fully online due to the covid pandemic. I just recently graduated and was enrolled in their 'Video Game Design/Development program. While I was very rarely ever in the physical building (only went to pickup supplies and to get my diploma), the Moncton campus has shifted well to have and maintain a very active online presence. Any emails or Teams messages I sent to faculty that posed questions pertaining to my education, loans, or general advise, were often responded to and/or answered by latest the morning of the next day. More often than not, I only had to wait an hour or two to receive a response. They have very knowledgeable staff; especially when it comes to student loans. I felt cared for as I began that process and had someone with me every step of the way to answer questions and help get it all setup. When it came to my classes and studies, I had a wonderful teacher whom I could tell had experience in the field and was not simple 'following the book.' My only critique is that some of the books provided to us and the teacher were outdated and thus sometimes posed issues. While this proved to be a bit of a setback, it also enabled my teacher to show off his knowledge of the subject, go off book, and still provide entertaining and well presented teachings. It was not a perfect schooling experience. As I said, some of the material we received was either outdated or not done properly. I would have also liked to have a couple more guests from my field of study brought-in to share their knowledge and experience. However, with all that being said, I still really enjoyed and got a lot out of my time at EC's Moncton Campus. I look forward to seeing the improvements they make now that they are not rushed to get online curriculum setup for students!
Alexandria Casey
1 year ago
My time at Eastern College has been phenomenal. I took the Criminology course and the instructor, Jennifer Blais, was absolutely incredible. She is not only very knowledgeable, she also knows how to engage students and relate the course material to day-to-day occurrences, with references and scenarios that all can understand, remember, and apply within our careers. The atmosphere within the college is extremely welcoming, accommodating, and encouraging, and understanding, all thanks to the wonderful staff at Eastern. There is no problem that is too big or small to be worked out, making the learning experience a breeze. I had an amazing time here and would absolutely recommend attending Eastern College to those looking for a course that truly is preparing you for your field.
Stanley Stinn
1 year ago
Great people. Always very helpful and courteous. Above and beyond.
Mylene Richard
2 years ago
My experience as a Eastern College student has exceeded my expectations! I am, and forever will be, so thankful for the knowledge and skills retained from the course that I took. My teacher, Jennifer Blais, has been fantastic. This woman is very knowledge and it was a privilege to have been taught by her. I recommend, and will keep recommending, to anyone who is interested in pursuing studies at this College. Every staff member that I have encountered is very caring, social, and they really prepare you for success! :)
Samuel Reed
2 years ago
I am just finishing up my course, and job placements, with Eastern College and the experience has been nothing short of incredible! The staff has been so supportive, helpful, and kind throughout my time there. They handled the COVID-19 situation to the best of their abilities and were so understanding with all the ups and downs during that time for students, especially having to do our work remotely. The faculty would bend over backwards for their students to help ensure the most benefits from the courses and to see their students succeed. Trudi Smallwood, one of the admin, on several occasions helped move around scheduled training to ensure I could attend when I was starting a new job. She was always just a message away to help if I had any questions and always greeted each staff and student with a smile. It was a great way to enter the building, and the Eastern College atmosphere! My instructor, Jennifer Blais, is the best instructor/teacher I have ever had in my life. She gave every opportunity to her students to ensure success and was always available if they needed help both in the classroom and guidance scheduling their own lives. I have learned a lot from her, and feel more prepared for my field of study than I ever could have imagined. She made my course experience amazing! Rebecca Hoover was always friendly and helped me when a class was going to conflict with my work schedule. She led all the assemblies with grace and truly cares about her students. She was always just a message away if you had any questions! Corey Chiasson also showed kindness to all students and made sure to help me personally get the NVCI training I needed when it was conflicting with work as well. I will never forget this! Ann Neil helped me through every question I had about my placements, and helped ensure that even with technical difficulties with the website, that all my hours were accounted for. She always returned my calls and questions from emails, and made the whole experience smooth. Lindsay Ruggeri made sure that I understood what was expected of student loans and how to apply. I knew nothing about how to go about it, but she made it simple, easy, and so understandable that it was one of the easiest applications I have ever completed in my life. I will also never forget the friends I made, the faculty that helped and supported me, and the entire experience at Eastern College. It has changed my life completely! I want to make each and every one of them proud as they put so much effort into helping me be the best I could be while at Eastern College. I will make sure that I "pay it forward" but being as kind, courteous, and empathetic to those I interact with in my life going forward. Thank you EASTERN COLLEGE!
erminia melanson
2 years ago
I am a student at Eastern College the Moncton campus enrolled in the Child and Youth Care Worker with substance abuse and am at the end of my first year. I can’t say how much I am enjoying this program and the amazing Instructor I have, Corey Chaisson. Corey has made my experience here at the college the best possible as I am a mature student and she always goes above and beyond to help me as well as any of the other students, she is truly an inspiration and I admire her and all her knowledge and her experience in this field. The administration staff at the front desk, Trudi Smallwood and Kay Mathew, are the first ones to great you in the college as you come in. So friendly and outgoing and make you feel so welcome and very helpful, a wonderful experience all around! I feel like the college is like a family home and all the staff is so friendly and inviting. Way to go Eastern College !
2 years ago
Mackenzie Smallwood
2 years ago
Love coming here for massages, administrative assistant Alicia is always so welcoming!
Lori A
2 years ago
Leona Arsenault
2 years ago

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