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Benefits of Hiring Eastern Grads 

Our Employment Specialists work hand-in-hand with you, the employer, to ensure that we find the right fit for your team whether it be as an employee or intern. One of the most desirable features in an Eastern student or graduate is this key fact: they come JOB READY for your workforce. Much of our training focuses on the technical skills required for your industry as well as the professional communications skills that are so vital to a healthy and happy workplace.

There are many benefits to hiring an Eastern graduate:
  • All Eastern programs thoroughly prepare students by teaching comprehensive curriculum and by utilizing practical, hands-on teaching from our industry-veteran instructors.
  • The Career Services department dedicates time to each individual student by spending one-on-one sessions getting to know the strengths and desires of our candidates.
  • Classroom learning at Eastern promotes the development of professional communications and crucial soft skills to ensure the well-roundedness of our candidates.
  • Many Eastern programs offer industry certifications – a key performance indicator for the quality and high standards our graduates are held to.
  • All Eastern candidates have real-world experience in the workplace through internships and field placements.
  • Eastern graduates are adult learners with a mature mindset, many of whom bring years of practical experience and transferable skills to your workplace.
Contact Career Services at any of our Eastern campuses to find out more about the benefits of hiring Eastern talent and how we can streamline your hiring process!

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