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Employer Services

Hire an Eastern Graduate:
Eastern College Employment Specialists are a part of our Career Services department. We offer no-fee recruitment solutions to all of our valued business partners.

We have a huge pool of highly trained job candidates, students and graduates alike. All of our alumni have a combination of classroom learning with real skills including: volunteer work, internships, and job shadowing. All of this helps to ensure that our candidates have your industry’s latest and most relevant skills.

Beyond what is on paper, each one of our candidates has worked one-on-one with an Employment Specialist from our Career Services team to determine their personal goals, skills, strengths, and passions. Beyond just checking boxes on a piece of paper, this personal touch allows our team to find the right fit for your business by considering each candidate’s individual profile – think of us like a talent scout that you don’t even pay. That’s because it’s a part of our fabric and our commitment to our students. It’s what we do to help our students and graduates find their places in the working world.

Are you ready to post an opportunity now? Fill out the form to the right or contact an Employment Specialist at one of our 5 locations.

Hire an Eastern Intern:
All Eastern programs have unpaid internship components. Typically ranging from four to sixteen weeks, these positions are not only unpaid, but we also cover insurance costs for you. It is a requirement for completion of most diploma programs that students undertake these internship positions which means you are able to evaluate and help train soon-to-be graduates at absolutely no cost.

Internships always occur near the end of the diploma program which means employers are receiving the benefit of highly-trained student eager to put their new skills to work. One of our Employment Specialists will work with you hand-in-hand to ensure that the right student is placed in your business. It’s crucial to us that placements are the right fit for both the student and you, the employer.

Recruit on Campus:
All Eastern campuses offer no-fee opportunities to meet students and potential hires face-to-face. Speak with one of our Employment Specialists today to begin taking part in:
  • Career Fairs
  • Student Success Days
  • Lunch & Learns
  • Class/Faculty Guest Speakers

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