In-Class Learning

Get the in-person guidance you need from your instructors.

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In-Class: Instructor-led classes held in-person at one or more of our 4 campuses.
Hybrid: Instructor-led classes on a set schedule held remotely on video over the Internet, with some courses delivered in-person at one of our 4 campuses.
Remote: Instructor-led classes on a set schedule, held remotely live on video over the Internet.
Online: Flexible schedule with a set weekly pace and the support of facilitators when you need it; delivered over the Internet.
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A personal face-to-face experience

In-class learning is the most traditional and familiar method of learning. Instruction and interaction with your peers is always in-person and face-to-face.

What is in-class learning?

Eastern College has been delivering in-class learning for decades now. Our instructors impart their real-world experience and industry insight to their students through face-to-face classes held at one of our four campuses. In-class learning encourages better engagement with classmates in a face-to-face setting and builds a stronger sense of community within the campus.

What does in-class learning look like?

  • live instructor-led classes
  • follow the same schedule with classes held at the same time
  • real-time discussions
  • classes are held in person at one of our 4 campuses
  • face-to-face interaction with your instructor, classmates, and other campus staff

Which Learning Option is Best for Me?

Want to find out about which learning option might be best suited for you? This tool will help you figure that out, help you learn more about the various learning options, and easily view the available programs for each of the various options.